Lay Eucharistic Ministers

A Lay Eucharistic Minister has several functions at a regular celebration of Holy Eucharist in our parish. He or she reads the Lesson from the Old Testament, reads or (if it is chanted) introduces the appointed Psalm, leads the congregation in the Prayers of the People, and administers the chalice.
A Lay Eucharistic Minister may also take the consecrated Host to members of the parish who were unable to be present at that celebration because of illness or infirmity.

Training of Lay Eucharistic Ministers
Lay Eucharistic Ministers must be persons of wisdom in the faith and of good repute who have received the respect of the local congregation and also demonstrate spiritual maturity. In addition, Lay Eucharistic Ministers must be adult (defined as age 16 years or older) members of St. Paul’s in good standing.

Training sessions coordinated with the clergy are informal and held yearly. After training, Lay Eucharistic Ministers are licensed to serve with the Diocese of Spokane. (This ministry does not license a lay person to preach.)

For more information, contact the office.