Stations of the Cross

History of the Stations

Stations of the Cross were brought by crusaders to medieval Europe as a way to go on pilgrimage when it wasn’t possible to travel to the Holy Land. Sculptures and paintings depicting artwork showing Christ’s last hours helped Christians better understand what Jesus experienced.

Using the Stations is a method of devotion and prayer to Christ. One stops at each Station to pray and meditate on the Gospel scripture shown. This practice can help you enter into the mystery of Jesus Christ’s gift of Himself to each of us.

Today, Station of the Cross generally are performed on Fridays during Lent; the liturgy is in The Book of Occasional Services. They can, however, be used privately at any time, anywhere, with or without art.

The art and artist

The Stations in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church are by award-winning artist Melanie Twelves, a member of All Saints Episcopal Church in Duncan, Oklahoma. St. Paul’s chose her art to celebrate the Walla Walla Valley’s Native American heritage.

Biblical emblems for the Holy Spirit – the dove, fire, water and wind – are used by Native Americans in their daily lives. These Stations show Christ wearing a leather fringed garment, the Southwestern crown of thorns cactus plant, and blue, meaning loyalty and truth.

The stations

1. Christ is condemned to Death

2. Christ takes up His Cross

3. Christ falls the first time

4. Christ meets His sorrowful mother

5. Simdon of Cyrene helps carry the cross

6. Veronica wipes Christ’s face

7. Christ falls the second time

8. Christ and the women of Jerusalem

9. Christ falls the third time

10. Chrsit is stripped of His gaments

11. Christ is nailed to the cross

12. Christ is raised upon the cross and dies

13. Christ is removed from the cross

14. Christ is laid in the tomb

Please feel welcome to come pray the Stations any time the church is open. You will find a small pamphlet in the back of the church with the verses for each Station, as well as suggestions for appropriate prayers. Or,  use the pictures you find here for your personal meditation.